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Healthcare Accreditation Program for Progressive Health Care Accounts Receivable Management Companies

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Accounts receivable companies wanting to become quality healthcare business partners should apply for a certification. Accredited Healthcare Business Associates offers easy-to-follow application guidelines.

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Learn the advantages of being a certified business partner duly recognized and trusted by the healthcare industry. Contact us today to register and start submitting your requirements for certification.

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Learn about Accredited Healthcare Business Associates

Accredited Healthcare Business Associates (AHBA) is an exclusive accreditation program created by healthcare and accounts receivable (A/R) business professionals for A/R management companies. Based in Rancho Mirage, California, we are a nonprofit subsidiary of Healthcare Business Associates (HBA) and an associate member of the American Hospital Association™. The founders and executives of HBA possess more than 100 years of combined experience in providing services aiding the medical industry and its patients. We are the only independent and qualified business offering this type of certification in the industry.

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Mission Statement

The mission of AHBA is to provide the healthcare industry access to a qualified accredited group of companies who have dedicated their healthcare business service to improving healthcare A/R management, cash flow, and compliance with strict business standards.

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program that caters to accounts receivable management companies.