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Meticulous Medical Certified Accreditation Process for Dedicated Healthcare Business Partners

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Trust Accredited Healthcare Business Associates when it comes to providing a scrupulous medical arm accreditation process for interested business partners. Our purpose is to establish guidelines for accounts receivable management companies that support:

• Hospitals
• Physicians 
• Billing Groups • Ancillary Partners

Strict Guidelines

As the only accredited standard-setting body in this industry, we employ very strict guidelines for interested applicants. Once you've passed the application process, you will be recognized by healthcare providers as a quality business partner.

Application Process

To begin our accreditation process, applicants should review and sign the application form, and provide the necessary requirements. All documents received by HBA will be filed and kept confidential. After completing the initial stage of the process, you will be subjected to the following procedures:

• Preparation for Independent
• Agreement for Site Survey • Submission of Documents
AHBA Standards

The AHBA program is overseen by HBA with enforceable standards in place. We periodically review our arrangements to ensure accuracy and completeness. Failure to abide by our standards will lead to severe penalties.

After completing the requirements for AHBA accreditation and the site visit has confirmed your compliance with the standards, your company will be provided an accreditation certificate that you can display on your website or in a prominent place in your office.

Upon confirmation of completion of the accreditation process, your company name,location, services, website and e-mail contact will be posted on the Healthcare Business Associates and accredited HBA websites.  Healthcare Business Associates is a associate member of the American Hospital Association and the HBA and AHBA website can be located by accessing the AHA website.  They are listed under the associate member directory revenue cycle and certification credential categories.

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healthcare business partner through a detailed medical arm accreditation certification process.