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About AHBA

The mission of AHBA is to provide the healthcare industry access to a qualified group of companies, who have dedicated their service to improving healthcare A/R management, cash flow, and compliance.

This group of companies, who have willingly agreed to standards reviewed by both healthcare providers and revenue cycle experts, are eligible to post their company’s services on a dedicated website.  This website provides free access for healthcare providers wishing to review companies dedicated to providing exceptional quality in healthcare revenue cycle services to include protecting the client’s image in the medical community as well as the PHI and dignity of the patient.

Providers accessing this website will have confidence that these companies will suit their immediate needs giving them the choice to offer RFPs or Business Associate contracts to member or non-member companies.  This will ensure a free choice of who best can service their requirements.

AHBA is not a new association. It is an accreditation program reviewed by various healthcare organizations. A program that will provide healthcare business associates the opportunity to prove their dedication toward serving the particular needs of the provider’s requirements, dealing with assigned or purchased patient accounts, and A/R management. Every business associate that meets and abides by the requirements and standards of accreditation will be recognized regardless of their company size or location.


For Providers

AHBA will ensure greater protection by ensuring better systems are used to address patient business obligations.

For Patients

AHBA will ensure patients will be dealing with reputable accounts receivable management companies.

For Collection Agencies, AR Management, and Outsourcing Business Associates

Compliance with AHBA standards will give a greater competitive advantage when promoting their services to providers.

For Healthcare Debt Buyers

Compliance with AHBA standards will assure providers that patients’ PHI, dignity, and goodwill are protected by those that obtain ownership of healthcare bad debt.

The AHBA Compliance Program is voluntary so business associates companies who subscribe will be those who want to improve their business practices and create a competitive marketing edge in promoting their services to providers.