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To qualify for AHBA accreditation the following must be completed and the requirements verified by our approved surveyor.
Phase I

AHBA Standards for Accreditation

1. Identify your company ownership type. Example Corporation, Sole Owner DBA.  Produce your organizational structure.

2. Document other business affiliations, partnership or associations your company which recognizes or participates.

3. Verify that (60%) percent of your current business is derived from healthcare providers or healthcare ancillary services.  If your company receives less than 60% healthcare assignment and you wish to qualify, show evidence of formation of a special healthcare service division.

4. Owner, officers and managers shall have a minimum of 5 years service or business association to the healthcare industry.

5. Confirm your company has retained qualified legal council.

6. Provide a certificate of E & O insurance coverage.  Include company name. Your insurance provider will be contacted, to insure your listed policy is current and in effect.

7. Accredited applicants shall have in place an independent client or trust bank account separate from their general business account, This account shall receive and record all revenue receipts from healthcare accounts.  Plus you must establish your company remits timely.

8. Appoint a compliance officer who will supervise a compliance committee.

9. Provide a HIPPA statement including knowledge of Red Flag requirements, HITECH and possible penalties for violations.

10. Provide organizational chart showing all division managers and special departments, example- outsourcing bad debt recovery- A/R management insurance follow up etc.

11. Provide proof of certification for all management personnel servicing healthcare business assignments, purchases, A/R management, insurance follow up etc either in house or on site.  Certificate should be from a recognized healthcare training program example MDHBA - HBA or other recognized healthcare training facilities.

12. Ensure that all healthcare personnel and management will receive or now receives, that includes (at a minimum) training in compliance current state and federal laws.

13. Provide documentation of in-house training programs and methods by which they are tested.

14. Provide documentation of business associate or chain of trust contracts for healthcare providers.

15. Provide documentation of PHI security standards within company information system or contracted technology system.

16. Accredited companies shall confirm without exception all healthcare business assignments, purchases, outsourcing, etc. will be serviced by healthcare trained personnel within U.S. territory.  No offshore business relationship shall be established for reassignment of healthcare business unless approved with written consent from your client.  Your Business contract or chain of trust agreement must contain an authorized signature.

17. Individual local state requirements pertaining to healthcare business associate services will be initiated for the individual state requirements.  Example California companies must provide supervisors or managers a 2-hour harassment course every two years.

18. Provide documentation of strict compliance with all state laws and licenses requirements pertaining to your business solicitation.

19. All patient contact personnel shall be tested and certified as qualified healthcare account representatives.



Healthcare Debt -Asset Buyer

Accreditation Requirements

• Identify your company ownership, corporation, dba, partnership (produce ownership structure)

• Document other business affilations or associations with which your company is recognized or participates.

• Owners, Officers or Managers shall have a minimum of five (5) years experience purchasing healthcare debt or asset portfolio

• Healthcare asset debt buyers should only resell the purchased portfolio after receiving written authorization from the original provider.

• All patient contact personnel shall be tested and certified as qualified healthcare account representatives.

• Must agree to comply with all established procedure agreements within the purchased healthcare portfolios.

• Must guarantee strict control of all purchased healthcare portfolios assigned to third parties, i.e. ARM companies, outsourcing companies, collection attorneys etc.

• Agree to assign purchased healthcare portfolios to third parties that are either Certified-Accredited or are experienced for a period of 5 years serving the revenue cycle of the healthcare industry as a business associate or covered entity.

• All third party assignees shall agree to acknowledge and comply with your provider business associate contract terms.

• Third party assignees shall agree to a chain of trust contract.

• Never file legal action against patients or financial responsible parties unless contract terms are violated or a thorough investigation of available assets is researched.

• Maintain a public image reflecting the image of healthcare providers.

• Maintain a constant communication with the providers purchased portfolios addressing complaints or concerns of patients included in those portfolios.

 • Must guarantee no healthcare purchased portfolio or contracts will be assigned for overseas or offshore company maintenance unless documented authorization to use these services are included in your purchase agreement and signed by a authorized representative.

• Accredited healthcare debt-asset buyers shall review all healthcare portfolio accounts, that they intend to purchase, eliminating the following examples from put backs (returns), examples are bankruptcy, deceased, disputed and duplicate accounts, etc. Hospital government payers will also be eliminated from the purchasers file.  This process will virtually eliminate returns, except for errors or agreed upon recalls from the provider.

• Provide documentation of strict compliance with all state licensing laws pertaining to your business solicitation.

Once the applicant has completed the standard requirements as independent survey team will be assigned for an on-site visit.  The surveyor will confirm compliance and the signed confirmation survey form will be submitted to HBA. Following receipt of the survey HBA will then issue the Accreditation Certificate which will be sent FEDEX to the successful applicant.  This certificate will be valid for two years beginning on the issue date.

These standards are protected under copyright laws and cannot be duplicated on any other site of certification or accreditation.