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Healthcare Business Associates Accreditation Program

Message from the founder Jack C. Nixon

Starting in 1963 until the present time, I have created and provided exclusive services for the healthcare industry. These services have included healthcare A/R pre-collection, bad debt management, current A/R management, outsourcing, insurance follow-up and EFT installment programs as well as business office training.

     It has always been my belief that companies, claiming to qualify as experienced healthcare business partners, should abide by special standards applying specifically to healthcare business services. That is why; with the assistance of experts, industry members and healthcare providers the Healthcare Business Associates accreditation program was created by HBA.  Companies that choose to become accredited will be recognized by healthcare provides as dedicated, quality healthcare business partners.

  The accredited HBA program is overseen by HBA and the standards are enforceable. This program is periodically reviewed and failure to abide by the standards  will have penalties.  These penalties will include revocation and removal of their Accreditation Certificate.  Should that occur their company name would be removed from the Accredited HBA and the Healthcare Business Associates Roster.  This is not a peer review or an association business certification but rather an exclusive healthcare business partner accreditation program.  It is a program that is periodically reviewed, surveyed, for compliance, and renewed every two years.

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